E Ink introduced the world's first flexible display for e-books with backlight

E Ink has announced a flexible monochrome 10.3-inch ePaper display designed for e-book production in its original form factor. One of the key features of the new "e-paper" is an integrated backlight, which helps to solve the main problem of this type of screens. 

E Ink

E Ink showed its first flexible display for readers three years ago - the diagonal of the previous development was only 0.1 inches smaller than that of the new product. However, the original matrix did not go into mass production. The manufacturer has not yet announced the technical characteristics of the updated monochrome panel.

According to the vendor, the current revision of the flexible screen can be used not only in e-books but also in the creation of laptops, electronic newspapers and even small digital billboards. It is not yet known when the first devices with the new ePaper display will hit the market. 

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