Logitech G923: Logitech unveils flagship gaming steering wheel for PlayStation 5 and PC

Logitech, a well-known manufacturer of gaming accessories and computer peripherals, has introduced the new Logitech G923 kit that includes a steering wheel and pedals for racing titles. The new product is supported by Trueforce technology, which provides realistic power feedback and improved interaction with the gameplay.

Using proprietary Trueforce technology, the accessory provides a direct connection to the game engine in real-time. Engine sound, tire grip, and road surface contours are  "transmitted" to the steering wheel, providing accurate and realistic feedback. Data processing is performed 4000 times per second, which allows you to achieve high detail sensations.

"Over the past few years, we have worked with sim racers and professional racers to create an unsurpassed system for full and realistic driving. With Trueforce, you will truly experience not only the road but also all the subtle nuances of driving a racing car. This technology really improves the quality of the gameplay, and everyone who tried it out left with a happy smile! " - said Ujesh Desai,  Vice President / General Manager Gaming of Logitech.

The design of the accessory has been significantly improved compared to previous models in the series with a brushed metal steering wheel, polished pedals, and a comfortable leather steering cover. What's more, the kit offers a range of new features, including programmable dual-clutch control, built-in RPM indicator, playful steering, and sensible pedal braking progression.

Logitech G923

Logitech G923 is compatible with PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC. The start of sales of the new items is scheduled for September 2020. 

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