Loop Mount - The Most Minimalist Smartphone Holder

Loop Mount is a minimalistic smartphone mount that allows you to attach your smartphone to the handlebar of your bike in just a few seconds. Unlike standard solutions, Loop Mount is invisible when not in use. The mount, developed by a team from London, is available for pre-orders starting at £29. Worldwide delivery is expected in October 2020.

"We love exploring new places with our bikes, and using a smartphone makes it faster and easier than ever. But constantly checking the direction of travel on the move is troublesome and can be dangerous. We always liked the idea of a smartphone holder, but we hated the way it looks and works. We created Loop because we were disappointed with the solutions available on the market - they are ugly, inconvenient to use, or need accessories or smartphone cases," explains the developers of Loop Mount.

Loop Mount

They also explain why they chose metal as the material for mounting:

“A smartphone of any size can be securely gripped without spoiling the look of your bike ... We wanted to create something durable and beautifully designed, so we started with solid metal construction.” 

Loop is compatible with all common smartphones (including iPhone 11 Pro Max) and with all bar sizes (22.2 to 31.8 mm). The main advantage of the mount is that it looks like part of a bicycle. 

The holder raised about $400,000 on Kickstarter, although the team initially only needed a little over $26,000. 
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