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Xiaomi has announced a universal charging station for smartphones

14 July 2020, Tuesday By M. Konwar
Xiaomi introduced a new accessory for smartphones at the Youpin crowdfunding platform, combining several devices in one case. Using the original dock, you can simultaneously charge up to six devices, using both the traditional wired method and the stand for wireless charging. 


According to Xiaomi, two coils are installed inside the charging hub, capable of supporting a maximum charging power of up to 10 watts. The platform for installing the smartphone is tilted at an angle of 20° - this ensures comfortable reading of notifications on the display without the need to interrupt the charging procedure. The battery status can be monitored by a miniature LED located on the foot of the site. 


On the upper edge of the case are three USB Type-A ports with a maximum output power of 18 watts. Also, the company's engineers took care of the presence of a through network connector by placing a socket on each side of the gadget. Thus, the hub simultaneously assumes the role of a network splitter. 

The cost of the original charging station in China under the terms of crowdfunding is $15. 
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