Oppo's new 125-watt charging technology will charge your smartphone in 10 minutes

Oppo will launch 125W ultra-fast charging technology, which is said to be unveiled on July 15. The Oppo 125W charging technology will be the first in the industry that even surpasses Xiaomi fast charging technology with a record power of 100 W, which is under development. Oppo is still likely to announce a prototype of ultra-fast charging. A commercial version of the 125-watt fast-charging technology may appear later this year. 

It is interesting that the same technology can be used in Realme smartphones since both brands share resources among themselves. Earlier leaks said Realme was working on a fast-charging technology with power above 100 watts, which could well be the one that Oppo was about to launch. 

125-watt charging

Although there is no information about how Oppo's 125-watt fast charging technology will work, there is by now a fairly clear idea of what the fast charging that Realme is working on will be like. According to an insider, the 100W+ fast charge developed by Realme will charge a third of the 4,000 mAh battery in three minutes. Therefore, this technology can fully charge the battery within 10 minutes. The viability of the charging technology depends not only on the charging power but also on other factors, such as the smartphone's processor.

As for the competing technology from Xiaomi, 100W charging is expected to appear later this year. The technology will be able to charge 4000 mAh batteries in 17 minutes, which is twice as fast as the 65W fast charge used in most of the leading smartphones Xiaomi, Oppo and Realme can offer.

In any case, the 125W fast charging technology, which will be launched on July 15, will set a new standard for the industry that leading companies will strive for.

There is also a reverse trend – while Oppo and other Chinese manufacturers are banking on charging technology to attract more customers, companies such as Samsung and Apple will reportedly be getting rid of bundled chargers.

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