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Astro City Mini - Sega releases a miniature gaming machine

08 July 2020, Wednesday By M. Konwar
The parade of tiny retro gaming consoles from Sega continues. This time, the company borrowed the idea from SNK and introduced a miniature arcade machine, rather than a mini-console. 

Sega Astro City Mini

The upcoming Sega Astro City Mini measures the size of a soccer ball and is equipped with 6 buttons, a joystick, and a miniature screen. It also comes with 36 classic pre-installed games. The company releases the Astro City Mini to celebrate its 60th anniversary, reports Sega Driven. 

Although the full list of games for the Astro City Mini has not yet been confirmed, the Japanese Game Watch website reports that Sega fans can expect at least the following games: 

  • Alien syndrome 
  • Alien storm 
  • Altered beast 
  • Columns II 
  • Dark edge 
  • Fantasy zone 
  • Golden ax 
  • Golden Ax: The Revenge of Death Adder 
  • Puzzle & Action: Tant-R 
  • Virtual fighter

Sega Astro City Mini

Although the photographs show that the arcade mini-machine is small enough to fit in one hand, it is too bulky to be conveniently used as a portable gaming system such as a Game Boy or Nintendo Switch. Most of all, it makes sense to use the Sega Astro City Mini at home - although the system has a built-in screen and controls, you can also connect external controllers and displays. 

The rear panel of the Astro City Mini has an HDMI output, two USB ports (for controllers) and a headphone jack, as well as a micro USB port for power. Thanks to the HDMI port, Astro City Mini can be connected to your home TV to play on the big screen. 

Sega Astro City Mini will appear in Japan at the end of this year for about $ 120 dollars. It is still unknown when the machine will be available in other markets, but Sega has a history of producing mini-consoles outside its own country. 
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