Xiaomi released a wireless fan with Wi-Fi and a new water purifier

On the eve of the summer season, Xiaomi has expanded the range of useful household appliances in its corporate catalog. The list of products of the popular vendor was supplemented by the SmartMi DC 3 floor fan with ionization function and built-in battery, as well as the updated Water Purifier C1 Enhanced Edition with five filtration levels and a system of smart reminders for replacing cartridges.

The new version of Xiaomi Water Purifier C1 introduced last year has acquired another, fifth stage of purification. According to the manufacturer, such a solution ensures the quality of bottled water at the outlet. A model with the Enhanced Edition prefix in a 420 x 127 x 420 mm case is capable of purifying 1.3 liters of water per minute.

A special sensor signals the remaining resource of the filter elements, which allows them to be replaced on time. The efficiency of the device can also be monitored in the MIJIA proprietary application, which sends a timely reminder of the need to install a new cartridge. Water Purifier C1 Enhanced Edition is already on sale in China for $266.

Xiaomi SmartMi DC 3 floor fan is equipped with a built-in ionizer that reduces the amount of dust in the air. The use of the Minebea DC Japanese brushless DC motor and seven-blade fan ensures minimal noise during operation. The case of the device is made of shockproof plastic.

A single charge of the built-in rechargeable battery with a capacity of 33.6 W, according to Xiaomi, is enough for 20 hours of battery life. The indicator strip on the stand informs the user about the battery charge. The total height of the Xiaomi SmartMi DC 3 weighing 3.5 kg is 960 mm.

To configure the operating modes, the new floor fan received a Bluetooth remote control and voice control support using the MIJIA application or XiaoAI digital assistant. For the assistant to work correctly, the fan is equipped with a Wi-Fi module. The new Xiaomi SmartMi DC 3 is already available for order on the Youpin crowdfunding platform for $98.

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