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Apple AirTag is being used to steal cars

07 December 2021, Tuesday By M. Konwar

Police in Canada reported that thieves are using Apple's AirTag gadgets to try to find the victim's place of residence, and from there - to steal a car.

Police investigated several similar cases in Ontario, Canada. The scheme is as follows: while the car is somewhere in a public place, an AirTag is attached to it (for example, they are hidden in the coupling device or the fuel tank cap), and then they track where the owner of the car lives and steal the car from his house, where there is less supervision.

Apple AirTag

At the same time, thieves have to hope that the owner of the car will not have an iPhone, because the smartphone warns about the presence of AirTag nearby.

Since September 2021, the police have observed 5 such incidents and believe that such thefts will be more frequent. And the most coveted vehicles for thieves, were Lexus, Toyota and Honda crossovers, as well as Ford F-Series pickups.

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