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DJI Air 2S: 1-inch sensor camera for $999

15 April 2021, Thursday By M. Konwar

DJI has announced the release of the Air 2S drone. It received an updated camera with a huge sensor, an advanced self-shooting mode, and an improved obstacle detection system to prevent collisions.

DJI Air 2S

The key innovation of the DJI Air 2S was a large 1-inch camera sensor compared to the drone itself. It is capable of taking photos with a resolution of up to 20 MP and recording video in 5.4K format at 30 frames per second or 4K / 60 fps with a bitrate of 150 Mbit/s. For comparison, its predecessor can take 12-megapixel photos and videos in 4K / 60 fps at 120 Mbit/s. The drone supports 4x digital zoom when shooting at 4K / 30 fps.

There is a SmartPhoto feature that takes several photos, and then selects the most beautiful pictures based on the analysis of the scene. In low light, the Hyperlight night mode is activated. The new MasterShots mode automatically selects the flight path and shooting style at the touch of a button, then giving the owner the final version. The FocusTrack option, which allows the drone to follow the specified object or focus the camera on it during the flight, has not gone anywhere.

DJI Air 2S has become a little heavier than its predecessor — 595 grams against 570. At the same time, the battery life decreased from 33 to 31 minutes. But there are two additional sensors for tracking obstacles — now there are four of them. The manufacturer claims that the new drone recognizes objects from a greater distance and at higher speeds. In addition, the drone is now able to fly away from the owner at an increased distance — up to 12 kilometers.

DJI Air 2S

The new DJI Air 2S has already gone on sale at $999 for the basic kit. There's also an extended Fly More kit for $1,299 that includes two extra batteries, a charging dock, replaceable polarizing filters on the lens, and a belt bag.

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