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Vodafone Nreal Light - Advanced Mixed Reality Headset

03 December 2020, Thursday By Priyanka Boruah

Nreal Light is an ultra-light gadget with a high-end full-size display, capable of displaying IMAX-quality content, and also has full support for Android applications. Recently, Vodafone announced the date of the start of sales of its own virtual reality glasses Nreal Light.

Vodafone Nreal Light

Nreal Light will be equipped with a full-screen display. According to the developers, the effect of showing content while wearing glasses is the same as when visiting an IMAX cinema. A USB Type-C cable is used to connect to an Android smartphone. The device itself is designed to work with both virtual and mixed reality. It offers six-plane tracking at once for correct picture positioning.

The algorithm consists in applying virtual interactive elements to a real image, as well as the ability to interact with 3D objects. Vodafone emphasizes that Nreal Light will be compatible with most existing applications for Android devices. In addition to using highly specialized software, the owners will be able to use the gadget for web surfing, watching movies, playing games or communicating on social networks.

Vodafone Nreal Light

The manufacturer does not limit the range of use of augmented reality glasses: they are suitable for work in office applications, and for viewing photos, and for listening to music. The main emphasis in the development of Nreal Light was placed precisely on the versatility of the device.

The start of sales of Vodafone Nreal Light will take place in the spring of 2021. Among the first countries where sales of new items will begin are Germany and Spain.

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