Xiaomi introduced DOCO portable fan with built-in humidifier

The range of Xiaomi branded appliances has been updated with a new product that is relevant for the summer season — a portable DOCO fan has appeared on the crowdfunding platform Youpin. The lightweight compact device with impressive battery life and an affordable price received the function of humidifying the air and a productive engine.

Xiaomi DOCO

The device with dimensions of 178 x 92 x 40 mm and a weight of 155 grams is equipped with a brushless electric motor with three-speed modes: 3200, 4100 and 5100 rpm. The claimed autonomy of the device with a 2000 mAh battery at maximum performance is 3.5 hours, and in economy mode-up to 12 hours.

Another feature of the new product is the function of spraying water from a special compartment in the housing. According to the manufacturer, the device allows you to reduce the temperature near the fan by 3 degrees Celsius while maintaining a low level of noise and heating of the device itself. The new product also includes a stand for desktop installation.

The Xiaomi DOCO portable fan in green, pink, and white cases has already gone on sale in China for $10.

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