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Xiaobai Smart Care Lamp - Xiaomi introduced a desk lamp with a webcam

30 November 2020, Monday By M. Konwar

The range of Xiaomi home appliances has been expanded with a table lamp called Xiaobai Smart Care Lamp. Unlike ordinary household lamps, the new product is notable for the presence of a built-in camera, which will not only allow parents to watch children, but also help students during distance learning.

Xiaobai Smart Care Lamp

The original lighting fixture features a camera with H. 265 codec support, 1080p resolution, f/2.4 aperture, and a 150° viewing angle. The white table lamp with dimensions of 513 x 150 x 463.5 mm and a weight of 2.03 kg also has a telescopic arm, the tilt angle of which can be changed in the range of up to 345°.

The camera mounted on the lamp can be used not only to monitor children, but also to help students learn. The device's microphone and the speaker will allow you to make video calls by pressing just one button, and will also help you attend an online lesson in a pandemic.

In addition, the new product is part of the ecosystem of the smart home Mi Home, so that the device can be controlled from a smartphone. Another useful feature of the accessory is the eye protection filter. The Xiaobai Smart Care Lamp is already available for pre-order on the Xiaomi Youpin crowdfunding platform for $60, and it will go on retail early next year.

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