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Canon ML-105 EF: 4 Million ISO and Tiny Protected Body

06 November 2020, Friday By Elena Arich

Canon Europe today announced the powerful, versatile ML-105 EF, capable of capturing video in the dark. It is housed in a compact and lightweight body with a shockproof design and is protected from dust and moisture. In addition, the Canon EF mount allows you to use a wide variety of lenses to suit your shooting conditions and needs. 

Canon ML-105 EF

The Canon ML 105 EF features a 2.07MP full-frame 35mm CMOS sensor for wide dynamic range and low noise. The camera has a maximum light sensitivity (ISO) of over 4 million, which allows shooting in the illumination of less than 0.0005 lux. 

The new ML 105 EF is 50% smaller and 30% lighter than the popular ME20F-SH. With dimensions of 76 x 76 x 112 mm, the camera weighs only 800 grams. This allows it to be attached to a drone or vehicle. In addition, thanks to its moisture and dust resistant design, the device can be used in all weather conditions and temperatures from -20° C to more than +50° C. The camera is also shock and vibration resistant. 

Canon ML-105 EF

The EF mount allows you to connect a wide variety of compatible lenses to the ML-105 EF. In particular, the camera supports Canon's EF super-telephoto lenses, which can capture subjects hundreds of meters from the shooting point. What's more, the ML-105 EF is compatible with third-party filters, including infrared, band pass, and neutral density filters. The model is equipped with the popular SDI video output, which provides easy integration with existing infrastructure.  

Canon ML-105 EF

In addition to the ML-105 EF, the range will include three more lightweight, versatile cameras: ML-100 EF, ML-100 M58, and ML-105 M58. The ML-100 EF and ML-100 M58 models are equipped with the CoaXPress universal cable and Canon EF and General M58 mounts respectively. The ML-105 M58 is equipped with an SDI connector and a General M58 mount. 

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