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Xiaomi introduced a thermopot with a built-in water filter

05 November 2020, Thursday By Elena Arich

Another new product of Xiaomi, presented at the Youpin crowdfunding site, is a multifunctional desktop water dispenser. The device combines the properties of a fine filter for drinking water and a thermos pot with a removable five-liter tank that can heat water to 90°C in just three seconds.

Mi Desktop Water Dispenser

Mi Desktop Water Dispenser allows you to quickly obtain both cold and hot water, pre-purified using a 6-stage reverse osmosis system. An OLED display is provided on the body of the purifier, which displays information about the operating mode of the device, the state of the filter element, as well as the volume of available water. The rated power of the cleaner is 2100 W in heating mode. The declared filter resource is 2000 liters. 

In just three seconds, the device, according to Xiaomi, is capable of heating water to the required temperature with an accuracy of 1° C. The capacity of the complete removable water tank is 5 liters. Since the gadget is part of the company's smart device ecosystem, its settings can be controlled from a smartphone via a mobile application. 

The dispenser cost in China at the end of the fundraising will be $225.

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