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Philips has updated the PicoPix series of "pocket" projectors

04 November 2020, Wednesday By Elena Arich

Philips introduced two new projectors at once, with the help of which you can organize watching a movie or a presentation almost anywhere. The new products are notable not only for their compact dimensions, but also for an impressive lamp resource, as well as an updated user interface and reduced noise level.

Philips PicoPix Micro 2
Philips PicoPix Micro 2

Miniature Philips PicoPix Micro 2 with a projection resolution of 480p received a full-size HDMI port, USB Type-C connector, and a built-in battery, which, according to the specification, the device will last for three hours of battery life. The weight of the model is 600 grams. 

The larger PicoPix Max One delivers a Full HD image and features digital zoom, auto-focus, and trapezoidal distortion correction. With dimensions of 134.1 x 135.9 x 47 mm, the projector weighs 850 grams. The company claims that the life of the lamps installed in both devices is 30,000 hours.

Philips PicoPix Max One
Philips PicoPix Max One

Philips representatives also noted the use of a user interface created from scratch and an optimized fan control algorithm, which reduced the noise level of the cooling system by 20% compared to previous models in the series. The PicoPix Micro 2 and PicoPix Max One projectors will go on sale later this month for $299 and $529, respectively.

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