Reasons why many men are crazy about complex women

Men have different tastes. Since most of them are reasonable, they draw an image of the ideal woman in front of them. As a rule, this is a woman with no flaws or with a minimum number of those that this man can put up with.
And, suddenly, to his surprise, a man falls madly in love with a woman, communication with whom you cannot call calm and predictable. This is a complex woman, rather than an ideal one.


It is not easy with such a woman, but it is from such people that they go mad and lose their peace. What do they take?

Adrenaline rush

Caring for a complex woman is a risk and causes an adrenaline rush that men have needed since the hunt for prey. The opportunity to achieve her location is a challenge not only for a modest man but also for a famous womanizer. 

This adventure

Such a relationship, by definition, cannot be boring. Mysteriousness and unpredictability are integral to the character of complex women. The monotony of such a relationship does not exactly threaten. But a large number of surprises are guaranteed. It's fun. 


Caring for such a difficult woman increases the importance of self-importance.


Dating a complex woman is not an easy task. She knows exactly what she wants. If a man can cope with this difficult task, he can be quite proud of himself.

If such a difficult woman pays attention to it, it increases self-esteem.

This is passion

Everyone wants love. But the real luck is the appearance of passion. There is something inexplicable about a complex woman that can cause this feeling. Maybe it's her extreme self-confidence, but it's very hard to resist.


In addition, a woman with a complex character herself does passionately everything that she wants. This applies to work, relationships, and hobbies.


With such a woman, there will never be an awkward silence and there will always be something to talk about. Her emotionality is contagious. At the same time, the conversation will be interesting, since complex women are wise, who made the correct conclusion from their past mistakes. 
A superficial conversation cannot satisfy a complex woman. She will seek to penetrate deeper into the life of a man and asks questions about him, and this is pleasant to everyone. A complex woman will ask complex questions that will allow a man to look at his own life in a different way.

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