How to improve blood circulation with static exercises

One of the main components of excellent health is good blood circulation. The circulation of blood in the body must work without interruptions and disturbances. After all, red blood cells supply it with the necessary amount of oxygen, due to which we feel in good shape. 

Problems with blood circulation can occur at almost any age. There are many reasons for this. The most common ones include: hereditary factors, sedentary lifestyle, as well as alcohol, and Smoking abuse.


It’s easier to prevent a disease than treat it later. To solve this problem, you just need to perform simple and fairly easy exercises. It is necessary to perform the exercises correctly in order to improve blood circulation.

There are some fairly simple, but very effective exercises that will definitely help you. 
1. The simple static exercise can be called head turns. Thanks to this exercise, you can significantly improve blood circulation in the neck. In addition, this exercise helps prevent the development of such a common disease as osteochondrosis. To start the exercise, stand up straight and smoothly. Slowly turn your head to the left side until it stops. Then repeat the exercise with a rotation to the right side. It is recommended to perform 15 turns on each side.

head turn exercise

2. Inhale and exhale. Take as much air as possible into your chest and then exhale sharply. This exercise should be performed regularly. Ten repetitions of 5 sets will be enough for a beginner. Thanks to the exercise, it is possible to significantly saturate the blood with oxygen, as well as improve blood circulation. If you perform this procedure in a relaxed position, its effectiveness increases.

Inhale and exhale

3. Swinging legs and arms. This exercise is great for older people. Lie on your back and raise your left leg and left arm up, then swing them five times. After that, the procedure is repeated with the right leg and right hand.

Swinging legs and arms

4. Bar. Very effective exercise for blood circulation. In addition, the muscles of the back, shoulders, and arms are strengthened.

5. "Body vibration". This is an easy-to-perform technique for improving blood circulation. For its correct implementation, it is necessary to lie down on a firm and even surface, and, raising the upper and lower limbs above them, begin to shake them. In this state, it is desirable to stay about 3-5 minutes, gradually increasing the time to 10 minutes. The purpose of this exercise is to quickly activate the blood vessels and change the stagnant lymph.

Body vibration

6. Rotation of the hip joints. To perform the exercise, you need to stand up freely and relaxed. Move the pelvis around its axis, rocking the body. In total, you need to make 30 circles to achieve the effect. The first 10 spins should be the smallest, and then gradually increase. Starting from the 20th time, the rotation of the pelvis should be as large as possible. And don't forget to move your shoulders a little at this time. Thanks to these actions, the blood in the body does not have time to stagnate.

Rotation of the hip joints

7. Slopes. Initially, you need to take a standing position. Then, pressing the upper limbs to the body, you need to lean as low as possible on the sides. In total, the exercise should take no more than one minute.


8. "Tiptoe". After waking up in the morning, you need to get out of bed on the tips of your toes and walk like that for 5 minutes. With this technique, blood quickly flows to the brain and strengthens the blood vessels.

These are fairly simple and easy-to-learn exercises that can improve your well-being. 

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