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What an ideal woman looks like - men's opinion

15 July 2020, Wednesday By Priyanka Boruah
No one has ever met the perfect woman, perfect in all respects: appearance, behavior, character, intelligence. Many find it difficult to describe their ideal. And even if they do, every man will have his own. We will have to resort to the most inaccurate of the exact sciences – statistics.



Men love with their eyes. The first impression, which cannot be repeated, must be positive. Sometimes it differs significantly from the ideal. A connoisseur of blondes with long hair can be smitten by the sight of a brunette with a short haircut.

There are few really beautiful people. Therefore, the word "beauty" can be replaced by "attractiveness." This quality can be given by a smile, large expressive eyes, a friendly expression, a deep voice. 


This requires a measure. No one wants to see a stupid woman next to them. However, if she constantly demonstrates her intellectual superiority, this is a heavy burden. Most men want to have an equal relationship with their partner. 


She is not obliged to wear glasses, because for this it is still necessary to see poorly! 

Lack of constant monitoring

A man wants to communicate with a woman with whom he could share his problems. But! Only when he himself wants it. Sometimes a man needs to be alone and thinks about his business. The intrusiveness of a woman causes rejection. The question "What are you thinking now?" Is completely unacceptable.

Cooking skills

You can talk according to your mood, but you want to eat every day. Men sometimes cook food and are even better cooks than women, but doing this duty regularly is too much a duty. It is especially appreciated if a woman does it effortlessly, without reproaches and heavy sighs.


Positive attitude

Gloomy women will not attract any men. It is easy to get pessimism from such people. A woman with a positive attitude is a support both in a good mood and in a difficult moment. Next to them, life seems easier and more interesting. If a woman has a sense of humor, then she is a priceless find.

Ease of relationship

It's hard enough for a man – he has to solve too many difficult life issues. He doesn't need the extra load. Lightness is not synonymous with stupidity. A very smart woman can also be easy.

Ease of relationship

Common interest

It is desirable that a woman and a man belong to the same social layer. This is not discrimination, but worldly wisdom. 

The list is not final and has a continuation. Write your opinion in the comments.
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