Why do girls like BAD guys? For information to GOOD men

This pattern has been noticed for a long time - girls are attracted to bad guys, and they are friends with good guys or marry them for convenience. The secret is not just the charisma of the bad guys. The program, which is laid in women in the subconscious, fulfills its role. 

And at the time, the mother told her daughter that she should choose a decent man for herself. Specifically, this means - attentive, caring, loyal. The girl agrees with this but suddenly begins to fall in love exclusively with bad guys, from whom you will not get any attention, care, or loyalty.

At the same time, her mind tells her that good men are a great option. But you can't tell the feeling! The conditionally bad guy has an unpredictability that makes you think about him, dream about him, and miss his company.

An attractive feature seems to be independence from public opinion, including the opinion of the woman herself. This is an exciting moment. Such a man can not be controlled, which causes respect for him. There is a high probability that she will begin to fall in love with him.

It often surprises good men. Why a woman prefers to suffer, but does not choose a happy and quiet life with them?


Being in a relationship with a bad guy, she is deprived of the opportunity to make complaints against him. But if you start a relationship with a decent man, immediately there will be comments on his behavior, and the list of them will not be small. This is because the choice was made by the mind, and not on the basis of the program. 

What to do? Becoming bad guys is neither necessary nor possible - you can't change yourself. But it is important to understand what women need, what mistakes should be avoided, and how best to interact with them.

At the same time, you can and should remain a pleasant person. It is not necessary to turn into a formidable aggressive macho. Only behavior should change. It also requires constant analysis of what a woman says, why and why.

To help you should call on your intelligence and quick wit, and not leave these useful qualities exclusively for work. Whatever happens, the commandment must be kept sacred - you cannot bend under a woman. This will be the beginning of the end.

There is no need to sort things out. The only thing that will help is a woman's feeling of fear that she may lose such a wonderful partner. Then the woman may also be willing to contribute to the relationship, and in some situations, make concessions.

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