How to understand that a girl likes you

Likes or dislikes? Or at least feels sympathy? Such uncertainty is disturbing and alarming.

The presence of interest primarily shows the look and its duration. This is especially important if the acquaintance has not yet happened, but the girl somehow needs to express her interest. After the acquaintance has taken place, sympathy may be manifested by the presence of a sparkle in her eyes when she looks at you.

When several people laugh, everyone looks at the one who is most attractive to him.

A good signal is to lean in your direction if you are having a conversation with her. Leaning back and especially crossing your arms may indicate protection. However, it is possible that the girl is ready to give in to her feeling, but this is prevented by some of her internal prohibitions.

Try a little experiment. First, lean yourself towards her, which will most likely make her recoil. Then deviate and carefully monitor her behavior. If a girl involuntarily leans toward you, it means that she has a need to maintain the established distance between you, which is a good signal.

If a girl invades your personal space, trying to touch you, then this indicates the intensity of her feelings, which no longer allow herself to be controlled.

At the sight of a man who interests her, a girl usually has an embarrassment that is difficult to hide from your attentive gaze. This is caused by tension so that there is no awkward moment because your opinion about it is very important. After establishing communication, the girl relaxes, her mood improves. She may start to giggle, which is a sign of affection for the object of interest to her.

The presence of interest shows if a woman during a conversation begins to ask questions about you personally, or what interests you specifically. She is clearly interested in all the details of your life. Your answers are also listened to with great attention. Such interest is based on sympathy for you. 

It is important how fast she responds to your messages during correspondence and how much she invests in correspondence with you. Whether she shares what she cares about.

Do not strain yourself, and try to please her, stuffing yourself with the price. Self-promotion should not be aggressive.

If it becomes clear that the girl is not attracted to you, then do not make a tragedy out of it. As they say, "there are a lot of girls, but you have one mom."

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