Buddhist principles for a happy life

Buddhist principles of a happy life

1. Let go of people and situations.

Do not scroll through event options. It happened as it happened. When it’s hard to let go, ask the question:
“Will it be important to me in 5 years?”,

2. At the end of each week, answer the questions:

“What did I learn last week?”
"The biggest achievement of the week?"
“What was the most memorable moment this week and why?”
“Have I wasted time on anything?” If so, then what? ”

3. Watch your appearance.

Always be ready for new achievements and unexpected meetings.

4. Don't whine or complain about your fate.

Silently stand up, go, and do whatever is necessary.

5. Travel! Twice a year, go where you have never been before. Traveling will help you find yourself.

6. Allow yourself to make mistakes.

Missed something - do not miss a lesson from this. Mistake is a great opportunity for development.

7. Develop personality.

You are what you are. Do not compete with anyone except yourself.

8. Make decisions yourself.

Do not cook according to other people's recipes.

9. Don't impose.

The world is huge - there is definitely someone in it who will be happy to receive your look and smile.

10. Meditate every day.

Learn to relax and concentrate.

11. Smile if something didn’t work out the way you planned.

Remember, do not get what you want - sometimes there is luck.

12. Learn to say NO.

Do not be afraid to refuse!
- "Would you like to pay a courtesy visit?" Not?
- Not!

13. Evaluate each spoken word for truthfulness, usefulness, and kindness.

Speak in essence, nothing superfluous. Better keep quiet if you have nothing to say.

14. Think.

Before making a decision, evaluate its value.

15. If you are very angry with someone, wait 24 hours before answering.

16. Be independent and self-sufficient.

Your happiness depends only on you, and not on how other people think and act.

17. Respect yourself and others.

A man chooses himself. Do not interfere in matters that do not concern you. Do not look into someone else's life with thoughts and words - do not lose sight of your choice!

18. Act exclusively within your own sphere of influence.

Do not worry about what you cannot influence.

19. Be in the fresh air every day.

Regardless of the weather and mood.

20. Believe in dreams and ideas.

Time is nonlinear. They have already been realized!

21. Develop talent.

Remember, you have them! Just open your eyes.

22. Be responsible for your words and actions.

Your words have great power.

23. Be true to your people, principles, and choices.

"Being faithful is not an inborn quality. This is the solution!"

24. If there is a case that will take less than 3 minutes to complete, it should be completed immediately.

Don't put it off. Nothing fits in there for a long time.

25. Observe your health.

It is one. You have achievements ahead of you - you will need your health to implement them. Sports, yoga, and meditation will help. Check it out!

26. Find inner peace and harmony.

The true strength of a person is manifested not in impulses, but in calmness.

27. Accept the fact that the past is in the past.

It does not exist! Gain experience, let go and move on.

28. Set priorities.

Everything has its place.

29. Overcome fears.

Fear is just an illusion.

30. Never give up!

Persistence and perseverance are always rewarded.
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