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Ubuntu command line: basic bash commands

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Ubuntu Desktop

To work in Ubuntu, the user can choose one of two possible interface options: graphical or command line interface. The graphical user interface (GUI) is familiar to most users and requires various elements of the desktop to perform actions. It has its advantages, which are expressed mainly in a convenient and familiar format for presenting information, as well as in the absence of the need to know any commands.

Ubuntu at a glance: features of the system and its releases

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Ubuntu at a glance: features of the system and its releases

The Ubuntu operating system was officially released in 2004. From the first days of the release, there were heated debates about it. Its commercial cousins ​​SUSE and Red Hat were released back in 1992 and 1993, respectively. A free version of Linux with a graphical, windowed interface seemed pointless.

What is Return on Sales (ROS) and how to calculate it

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return on sales formula

The main goal of sales is to generate financial profit. True, somewhere it can be millions of rupees, but somewhere only a couple of thousand. And it is not a fact that in the first case the business will pay off more - it depends on the volume of expenses. To understand exactly how effective these metrics are and how to correlate them correctly, a ROS calculation is used.

How to properly link CSS to HTML

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connect CSS to HTML

CSS is a style sheet. It determines how your site will look, colors in the design, fonts, arrangement of elements, etc. Therefore, it is impossible to do without CSS when creating websites and web applications. It is important to be able to use this tool correctly during the development of your project. 

Adobe has released the Creative Cloud Express application

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Adobe Creative Cloud Express

Adobe Introduces Creative Cloud Express, a free program designed for casual users looking for simple, easy-to-use video and imaging tools.

The Adobe Creative Cloud Express service is more focused on social media managers, small business owners, as well as all other users who are not professionals in graphic design, but they have the need to quickly and easily create content.

iOS 15.2 Released: What's New?

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iOS 15.2

In iOS 15.2, a separate section appeared with information about how installed applications manage your dаta: which sites they connect to, where they transfer information, etc. This section is for informational purposes only and does not allow blocking the transmission of conditional cookies to third-party resources. 

A few simple steps to speed up a WordPress site

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speed up a WordPress site

It's no secret that fast loading of the site allows you to keep visitors on the site. Agree that no one will view a site where you have to expect page loading, the visitor is most likely to leave by clicking on a couple of links. Imagine yourself in his place.

How to Promote a WordPress Blog: 14 Effective Tips

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Promote a WordPress Blog

Running your own blog is not an easy task that requires not only creative thinking, but also self-discipline, responsibility and analytical skills. Many people start blogging for themselves, but then feel the urge to make their blog popular and visited. It is important for someone to get feedback from readers, others want to make themselves a more recognizable person in the Internet space; Finally, a significant part of users want to monetize their blog, that is, something very useful and pleasant: to make a blog one of the ways to make money (and often the main one).

How to Optimize Images for the Web

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Optimize Images for the Web

There are many different aspects to consider when building a website: security, SEO, conversion, site performance, and more. Image optimization is one of the key points, so we need to dwell on it in more detail. This article will focus on optimizing images to improve performance metrics, as well as for SEO and social media. 

How to create a root user on CentOS

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The sudo command (which stands for “substitute user and do”) allows a user to execute administrative commands that are usually only available to root users (or superusers). By following these instructions, you will easily learn how to create users that can execute these commands without having to modify the sudoers configuration files. If you are going to give sudo rights to an existing user, skip the first two steps and start right away with the third. 

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