CAPTCHA is a test that is designed to distinguish the action of a computer (script, program) from the action of a person. In other words, with its help, the user is verified for humanity. These may be requests for entering a combination of letters and numbers, performing a simple arithmetic operation. Sometimes the system may ask you to select images with something specific, for example, cars, shop windows, etc.

Why do you need captcha

There are so many ways to make money on the Internet. And not all of them can be called legal. For example, illegal methods include hacking resources, spamming forums, and blogs, mass registration of accounts on different services, etc. 

At first glance, it seems that this will not bring much income, which is very wrong. When sending spam, hacking sites, and registering anywhere, the user does not need to make an effort. This is done by a program that can't ever get tired. And if you imagine that the launch takes place on hundreds of hacked computers that do not belong to the fraudster, it becomes clear that he can earn very large amounts of money without spending resources. But from automatic spam, when all the dirty work is done by a relentless program, captcha protection was developed long ago.

What is it?

What is captcha? This is one of the ways to implement the Turing test, which is able to determine exactly who passes it - a machine or a person. Rebus, which is riddled by the security system, can be easily solved by almost any person.


But most often, a letter or digital captcha is used with an insufficiently clear image of the inscriptions, as well as the presence of various obstacles that do not complicate the task for a person. But automatic systems designed for text recognition, such as programs that allow you to digitize printed literature, stumble on these interferences. There is a flip side to this solution. Not all people can see why there is a particular squiggle, and leave the site. But scammers who earn money illegally do not sit still and find new tools that can bypass obstacles. Because of this, the captcha has to be complicated. In some cases, people can earn money on human recognition of captchas entered. For example, there is an exchange "RuCaptcha", a service "KolotiBablo", where anyone can earn on their input. Customers are usually services that need to be recognized in large quantities (for example, Anti Captcha).

But in any case, this protection negatively affects the effectiveness of attacks and cuts off the flow of spam that pours into the network. Of course, it would be nice to do without rebuses, which, in addition to fraudsters, cut off some of the users, but this is not yet possible.

Can I make it easier to enter CAPTCHA? The answer will be Yes. Steps in this direction are already being taken. Google, which can be called one of the leaders of online business, made captcha entry easier for users about a year ago. Previously, you had to enter a few poorly readable words in English, but now you just need to check the box in the form that opens. With the spread of this type of protection, the life of network users will be simplified.


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