Brand - a term used in marketing that denotes the symbolic embodiment of a set of information associated with a particular product or service. It usually includes a name, logo, and other visual elements (such as fonts, color schemes, and symbols). A brand is not a thing, product, company, or organization.


Previously, the term "brand" ("brand-name") referred only to a well-known commodity. It is now used as a synonym for the term "trademark".

Brands don't exist in the real world - they are mental constructs. A brand is best described as the sum of all human experience, its perception of a thing, product, company, or organization. Brands exist in the form of consciousness or specific people, or society.

Brands are the object of purchase and sale. Business week regularly publishes the price of 100 brand leaders, which are determined together with the company Interbrand. The top three leaders (2002-2007, each worth more than $ 50 billion). In 2007, the top three were Coca-Cola, Microsoft, and IBM.

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