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CheapDeveloper » Gaming » Shakedown: Hawaii to be released on PlayStation 5

Shakedown: Hawaii to be released on PlayStation 5

12 December 2020, Saturday By CheapDeveloper

Studio Vblank Entertainment has announced that it will release its Shakedown: Hawaii on the new PlayStation 5 console. And on a cross-purchase system: anyone who bought or buys a game on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, or PS Vita will get access to the rest of the versions, including PlayStation 5.

Shakedown: Hawaii

The developer's joke: if games for the PlayStation 2 and PSP could be released digitally, they would add them to the cross-purchase, setting the record: 6X Cross-Buy.

Shakedown: Hawaii is coming to PlayStation 5 on December 15th. The version will include all the latest additions, including a new difficulty mode. The features and capabilities of the new console will also be used, including DualSense. They will also expand the list of achievements.

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