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On the Xbox Series, found a way to run emulators for PS1, PS2, PSP, 3DS, Wii and other consoles

30 November 2020, Monday By CheapDeveloper

Recently, the author of the YouTube channel Modern Vitage Gamer released several videos about the work of various emulators of old systems on the Xbox Series S|X.

Xbox Series

Moreover, every system owner can take advantage of this opportunity, since all modern Microsoft consoles are available with two modes - standard and DevKit. The second one is needed by young developers for tests so that they can run third-party applications.

Among them, there are emulators - for example, RetroArch. Thanks to it, you can run old games for PS1, PSP, Nintendo 3DS, GameCube, Wii, and other consoles. More recently, the program also added PS2 emulation, although the function is still under active development - there are enough bugs.

Support for such programs is also available on Xbox One, but its capacity is not enough to fully emulate older systems. Playing games of past generations are extremely problematic. But the Xbox Series hardware does a pretty good job with all supported systems, including the PS2.

However, nowadays PS2 games are quite difficult to run, but in the future, it should all become easier. Some projects are unavailable due to the current limitation of 2 gigabytes of RAM.

The author of the video tested emulation in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, Jak & Daxter, ICO, Ace Combat 4, God of War, TimeSplitters 2, Shadow of the Colossus, Silent Hill 2, God Hand, and Burnout 3: Takedown. Most of them work great with some frame drops and minor bugs.

Most of the problems occurred with Gran Turismo 4 - graphics bugs, sound problems, and general instability.

The transition of the Xbox to the "DevKit" will cost $10, but then the console can be returned to the standard retail version without any problems. In developer mode, the system, for example, will not be able to run retail versions of games.

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