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Adventure strategy The Unexpected Quest released on Steam

29 November 2020, Sunday By CheapDeveloper

A small studio Rionix has released the management adventure The Unexpected Quest on Steam. This is the story of skillful and hardworking gnomes who were brought to unknown lands in a medieval fantasy setting.

The Unexpected Quest 

Players will have to explore a variety of locations and meet a variety of creatures, many of which will need help. And many of the good deeds of our gnomes are associated with the construction of houses, bridges, forges, mills, and other useful buildings.

In order to properly equip new lands, it will take a lot of resources, and it is worth collecting everything that catches your eye. And for many rare items, you will have to go to the dungeons.

The Unexpected Quest is receiving positive reviews, but players note that the adventure was short-lived and very casual. However, there is a free demo version of The Unexpected Quest Prologue for those in doubt.

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