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Bungie has been developing new games for three years

29 November 2020, Sunday By CheapDeveloper

Bungie CEO Pete Parsons told Metro in an interview that the studio has been developing new games for three years and that parting with publisher Activision was caused by a desire to get creative freedom.


According to Parsons, the studio is working on so-called incubations, which are new ideas and projects, but their main focus is to build teams.

"We were expecting a decently high incubation failure rate, but are very excited about the work being done beyond the continuation of the Destiny universe. Since we were able to build a large team of talent, these incubations are truly amazing," said Pete Parsons.

Parsons did not disclose the number of projects in development, but noted that the studio is hiring new employees at a faster pace than originally anticipated.

According to the Executive Director, due to the move to remote work in March, almost a quarter of the employees who now work at Bungie have never been to the studio.

As for parting with Activision, Parsons noted that the only drawback was the loss of the opportunity to work with Vicarious Visions and High Moon Studios, which are owned by the publisher and which participated in the development and support of Destiny 2.

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