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CheapDeveloper » Gaming » PS5 set a sales record in Spain, and the Xbox Series launched slightly worse than the Xbox One

PS5 set a sales record in Spain, and the Xbox Series launched slightly worse than the Xbox One

29 November 2020, Sunday By CheapDeveloper

While Sony and Microsoft don't share launch sales of new consoles, independent research firms do. 

In Spain, for example, the PS5 has the best start in the history of the brand's home consoles — 43 thousand systems. This is about three times more than the Xbox Series X|S, but 11 thousand less than the PlayStation Portable.

However, it should be borne in mind that both NextGen consoles, as in the rest of the world, are now in short supply, and the initial edition was immediately sold out. 


Initial sales of PlayStation consoles in the country

  • PlayStation 5 - 43 thousand
  • PlayStation 4 - 38 thousand
  • PlayStation 3 - 35 thousand
  • PlayStation 2 - 40 thousand
  • PlayStation Portable - 54.2 thousand.

It is noted that the overwhelming part of the PS5 circulation - 38 thousand - fell on the standard version with a disk drive, while the remaining 5 thousand consoles were bought in a digital version without a drive. 

The Xbox in Spain all this time had approximately the same starting results - 14-15 thousand consoles. Xbox Series X in the first week was bought by 10.5 thousand people, while Series S - 3.6 thousand. 

Initial sales of Xbox consoles in the country

  • Xbox Series X | S - 14.1 thousand
  • Xbox One - 15 thousand
  • Xbox 360 - 14.9 thousand.

However, we note again that now all new consoles are in short supply, and buying them is still a challenge. According to analysts, if you are just now bothered to purchase any of the consoles for the New Year, you will probably have to go to the secondary market.

According to Phil Spencer, the Xbox Series deficit will last until at least April. How long it will last for Sony is unknown. 

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