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New Star Wars: Rogue Squadron Movie Will Not Be Directly Adapted Games

12 December 2020, Saturday By CheapDeveloper

The new movie in the Star Wars universe, Rogue Squadron, will not be a direct adaptation of the game series of the same name.

The director of the film Patty Jenkins ("Wonder Woman") revealed that the plot of the film will tell its own story, although it will take into account elements of games and books from the previous era of the franchise. According to Jenkins, she understands the importance of these works and keeps them in mind, but plans to tell her story.

Star Wars: Rogue Squadron

During the announcement, the director said that she wanted to make a film about military pilots for a very long time, since her father was one of them. But she didn’t get the right material until she finally came up with a proposal that combined two interesting things - a fascinating universe and an important personal theme.

The first game in the series, The Rogue Squadron, was released on the Nintendo 64 in 1998, followed by two sequels and a spiritual successor, the Battle for Naboo. In addition, a series of books by Michael Stackpole about the pilots of the New Republic was very popular in the old canon.

The new film will hit theaters for Christmas 2023.

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