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CheapDeveloper » Entertainment » Hulu May Become Part Of Disney+ By Adding Adult Content

Hulu May Become Part Of Disney+ By Adding Adult Content

05 December 2020, Saturday By CheapDeveloper

Theories have flared up online again that Hulu could be part of Disney+, adding highly rated content to the service's library.

Conversations on this topic have flared up again due to the fact that Disney and Hulu are undergoing a wave of layoffs, which has even been called a "bloodbath". Presumably, employees of different departments can be reduced to form a single group of managers for one common streaming service.

Disney and Hulu

This policy makes sense from a financial point of view, since having more than 100 million subscribers on one service looks more effective for investors than dividing them into two sites. And it will also be easier for users to navigate, not to mention expanding the catalog itself.

It may also be a response to the recent move by Warner Bros., which decided to release 2021 premieres on HBO Max as well.

In theory, Disney+ will simply have an additional section, which adult users will probably be able to control so that young viewers do not accidentally go "where they should not."

So far, all this is at the level of theory, but the first details can be revealed on December 10, when Disney has a day dedicated to investors.

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