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"Fear the Walking Dead" Renewed for Season 7

04 December 2020, Friday By CheapDeveloper

AMC has renewed the "Walking Dead" spin-off for a seventh season, which doesn't seem to be it's last.

At the moment, "Fear the Walking Dead" has released the first half of the sixth season, and the series itself is on pause. It is not yet clear when the new episodes will appear.

Fear the Walking Dead

The project will join other series in the universe that is going to be released in the future - a spin-off about Daryl and Carol, anthologies in the world of the zombie apocalypse, as well as the final episodes of The Walkers themselves, and the spin-off World Beyond. The second one, by the way, will end in the second season.

And that's not to mention the Rick Grimes films that are still in development.

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