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How to Make Money Online - The Best Ways

26 November 2021, Friday By Victoria Frolova

So, my site has reached 200 visitors a day. The money has been spent, efforts have been made, there are readers - it's time to think about making money.

If you clicked on this article, you clearly have your own website. I want to ask you, why did you create it? Write your answer in the comments 😊

Many people want to create a website in order to share their views of life with the world or to show their creativity. But I'm sure most people still create websites for monetization.

For example, as an additional source of income in addition to the main job. Nevertheless, a lot of people go further and turn blogging into their main income.

make money online

And some are turning their site into a large company. This happened, for example, with the Huffington Post. Arianna Huffington decided to launch an online publication where famous people will write for free. At first, the main focus of the resource was politics. HuffPost positioned itself as a liberal publication and rivaled the Republican press.

Within a year, the site had over 1.3 million visitors per month. New employees have appeared, sections have been added, international integration has appeared, an online TV channel has been launched ... Today the Huffington Post is one of the largest online publications in the world.

In short, dreaming is not harmful :) But let's go back to novice blogs, like mine, and see what are the ways to make money on your site.

How will a website help a business?

Above we talked about the purposes of creating sites, and in this regard, I consider it necessary to mention one thing. Corporate sites are an opportunity to expand your business. In this case, the owner does not have to make money from this site.

Natasha Courtenay-Smith writes about this in her book The Million Dollar Blog:

Text blog posts are a staple of content marketing, and if you own a business, you can't help but know that content marketing is your most powerful tool and must not be overlooked. 
A discerning content strategy that includes text posts, video blogging, and multimedia content will drive traffic to your site, adding to your sales funnel, and thereby keeping you competitive.

Blogging also gives your business a soulfulness and personality - clients will trust you more. 

What am I leading to? Besides, the advantage of a website for a business is not at all in making money. Even when the business does not seem to make money from the site itself, the site can bring "real" (offline) customers.

Ways to make money on the site

If you are not promoting your business, then there are many other ways for you to make money on your website. In this case, we are talking about any format of a web resource. You can turn even your small blog into an online store if you start selling goods on it, and into an online catalog if you add a corresponding page. 

1. Partnership programs

Affiliate programs are an opportunity for serious and real earnings. It works like this:

  1. You find an affiliate product and recommend it on your site by leaving a purchase link.
  2. When a visitor to your site buys a product from that link, you earn a commission.

Some even specially create websites about product reviews of a certain subject and make money exclusively on the affiliate program. 

Make Money

Where can I find an affiliate program?

To receive such a commission link, you must find and sign up for an affiliate program.

Fortunately, making money on affiliate programs is so beneficial for both parties that almost every store now offers them. You can find the offer by simply googling “[your site theme] affiliate program”.

For example, Amazon offers an excellent affiliate program called Amazon Associates Program. You can recommend the products to your friends and clients, earn up to 10% in affiliate fees from qualifying purchases and programs.

I will also recommend you one site where you can find an affiliate program of any subject. This is Admitad. On this site you will find the largest collection of offers from renowned stores.

2. Sale of goods

Speaking about product affiliate programs, it is worth mentioning earnings on the sale of goods.

Prefer to deal with real goods? Then how about starting your own online store?

You don't have to create a new website for this. You can make a separate page on your blog for selling products. For example, using the WooCommerce tool.

You can go one of two ways:

  1. You yourself create and sell a niche physical product to a certain circle of customers.
  2. You buy cheap goods from foreign countries, repackage them and sell them at your own margin.

Choosing the first option, you should be prepared for a lot of research, improvement and testing of your product. You should also understand the topic and have a lot of interest in it, so as not to give up at the first difficulties.

Examples of successful stores that have chosen this strategy: 

  • SkinnyMe Tea;
  • BeardBrand;
  • Ratio Coffee.

However, if this approach seems too complicated for you, start by reselling popular foreign products. Products can be found on sites such as AliExpress or Amazon. When the products arrive at your place, they will need to be repackaged and sold through their website.

Think about the delivery method for your items as well. You can do it yourself or use mail services. You can also use dropshipping (this is when the manufacturer delivers his order to the client without your participation).

3. Online courses/books

On self-isolation, you probably noticed how many online courses are everywhere. But the demand for them has also increased! Therefore, my advice is simple: if you have some useful knowledge and are ready to share it with people who will pay for it, then this is a great reason to start an online course.

If your site is not suitable for your own courses, you can post content on educational platforms such as BitDegree and others. You can share your skills with thousands of people - isn't it cool?

Not sure what topic to write your course on? Ask your audience. Find out what interests her and what she is willing to pay for. This is what Joseph Michael, the creator of the Learn Scrivener Fast online course for teaching Scrivener software, did, for example. He read a comment on a blog that had asked for such a course. Joseph created it and made huge profits!

There are also countless formats of online courses. The easiest one: describe your experience in text format and put it on the cloud service. The person who made the purchase receives a link with access and can download the book as a PDF file.

But given the abundance of online courses that exist today, I advise you to get confused and come up with your own interesting approach to learning. For example, it can be a game or a video course. 

online courses

I single out for myself one main advantage of online courses: income will be passive. Making money from online courses works according to a very cool system: you register a course once, and you can sell it as much as you like.

And you just need to set up a redirect from the payment page to the page with the course - and that's it. You can safely drink a cup of coffee somewhere in Paris while clients buy your courses - you don't have to do anything to do this.

However, I must also warn you. Sooner or later, all online courses are leaked to the public by pirates. But this is not the end of the world. Judge for yourself: when the sales of the course go, you will be heard. Even if it gets merged, you remain an expert person. Accordingly, the course can be updated or the next one can be recorded - but already as a celebrity :)

Also (even already leaked) online course can be uploaded to Youtube and earn from monetization. But first, it's worth selling it and making some money :)

4. Paid Site

Paid sites are growing in popularity along with online courses. This idea is quite simple to implement, and even in any industry.

Judge for yourself, we used to subscribe to newspapers and magazines. Now there are many more services, and life becomes much more convenient. We subscribe to music services, to timely delivery of the right things like cosmetics or razor blades, to newsletters.

For example, the Whatsapp messenger used to offer users a $1/year subscription instead of being bombarded with ads. Whatsapp eventually became so popular that it was bought by Facebook for $19 billion.

This works with websites too. Writer Mark Manson runs a popular self-help blog and sells a paid subscription that gives users access to online courses, videos, and additional article comments.

Of course, many will refuse to buy a paid subscription. Even more is more of a feature for die-hard fans. But on the other hand, these will be exactly those people who like what you write.

If you liked the idea, but you do not know how to make a site with a paid access without programming skills, write "+" in the comments, and I will make a separate article about it :)

5. Sell ​​advertising

I'm sure you've come across sites that have ads. The fact is that this is probably the most popular way to make money on the site. At the same time, some make advertising mega-intrusive, while others intelligently integrate it into their content. This is up to the owner of the site.

You should only connect advertising when your Internet resource begins to receive a large amount of traffic. Otherwise, the earnings will be very scanty, and the advertising will make users nervous.

How much can you earn from advertising? Ad placement fees vary by platform. You can get profit based on impressions or clicks. It is up to the advertiser to decide. 1000 ad block impressions bring on average up to $1.

How to connect ads?

There are many ad platforms out there. The most popular are Google Adsense. Expect the payout of these ad networks to be small, unless your site gets a million visitors a month.

You can apply to participate in the advertising network here for Google Adsense. Pay attention to the requirements for connecting sites.

Google Adsense Requirements:

How to sell ads without an ad network?

If you don't want to work through an ad platform, there are other ways to sell ads.

For example, you can find clients yourself. This is what an acquaintance of mine did - the owner of a website about tattoos. He created a separate page for finding the best masters. He gets paid to be on this page for his city. And for the first places on this page, he takes a separate fee.

You can also sell ad space to a company that is similar to yours in terms of subject matter. For example, if your site is about improving sleep quality, you might offer an advertisement for a mattress manufacturing firm.

Or here's another option for you - creating sponsored content. This means that you are hosting content on your site for which some company pays you.

6. Selling your services

Are you a specialist in the field about which you maintain a website? So this is a great reason to sell your services on the site. This is done quite simply.

You blog, posting useful information about a specific topic. Thus, visitors can see that you are an expert. It is easier for them to contact you, because they see your level of knowledge. You just have to create a service page and post your contacts. Clients will find you themselves.

Example: You are blogging about a personal brand and you have quite a lot of traffic. You create a page where you offer personal advice and assistance in building your personal brand.

How to increase the volume of orders? Go outside of your site. Write guest posts on similar sites, come on TV or podcasts, get the media talking about you, etc.

7. Creation of an online catalog

Online directories used to be very popular. Now this is no longer the case, but you can still make money on it.

Directories work the same way as bulletin boards. The only difference is that people don't pay to post jobs or access them - they buy a monthly subscription with the ability to post directories.

Example: you have a website about web design and website development. You have great articles, great traffic, and you have won the title of an expert. Those. people trust you and your site. You can create a page to host a list of developers and agencies. This will give them a backlink and new visitors/customers.

8. Selling your site

Well, the last (literally) way to make money on your website is to sell it!

Depending on the quality, traffic and age of your site, you can sell it for a very large sum. On average, you can earn 10-30 times more from selling a website than your monthly passive income from it.

What determines the selling price of a website?

  • Age of the site and domain.
  • Authority (how many links from other sites lead to you).
  • Traffic, as well as its dynamics (growing, stagnant or falling?).
  • How much do you earn from your website per month and how stable this income is.

Where can you sell your website?

There are special exchanges for this. Here are the 3 best exchanges for selling websites (in my opinion):

  • Flippa;
  • Empire Flippers;
  • FE International

Other ways to make money online

Of course, you don't need to have a website to make money on the Internet. Already having the skills to work with sites, you can get money by offering your services. Let's take a closer look at these methods:

Buying and reselling sites or domain names

I think you are familiar with the business of reselling homes. A person buys a house, refurbishes it and sells it for a higher price. You can do the same with sites. 

You have no idea how many quality websites with reputable domains are selling. People just get bored, they quit this business and decide to sell their site.

The site reselling process is pretty simple:

  • Find an underrated site that can be improved. Pay attention to domain age, link mass, monthly income and traffic, and the real reason for the sale.
  • Modify the site. Improve design and usability, add unique and high-quality content, optimize your search engine. 
  • Watch for statistics improvements. 
  • Sell ​​your site at a price much higher than what you bought it for.

Just like websites, you can resell domain names. Their value is in age. Domains can be purchased, for example, using the Telderi website or Just Dropped.

Sale of photos and videos

Websites need unique content, including pictures. But why am I telling you this, you yourself probably know it. Maybe even yourself and create this unique content for your site, that is, take pictures or shoot a video. This can be turned into a good online income.

There are many sites for uploading photos and videos. You upload your work, and when someone downloads it, you get paid.

You can sell your photos on these sites:

sale of photos

Use the following tools to sell videos:

For stable high earnings using this method, I advise you to choose a specific niche and publish content regularly.

Social media advertising

Along with the site, you probably also promoted social networks. You can also sell ads in them. The higher the activity on your page, the higher the price for 1 ad post.

Services in the development and promotion of websites

The fact that you have your own working website is already the first step to making money on development. You can even find work in the studio that way.

But you can start with freelance orders. The path to the first orders is very simple:

  • Create yourself a page on services such as Upwork and Freelancer.
  • Add information about yourself.
  • Build a portfolio (your site will already be included there).
  • Just start submitting requests for proposals

In order to increase your chances of success, I advise you to start by choosing a narrow niche and building a client base. This can be, for example, the creation of exclusively gaming sites.

In short, go for it! If you don’t quit, then over time your site can turn into a big and enviable business. Or you will earn yourself the name of a professional, then there will be no rest from clients. 

Now you know how to make money on your website, and all roads are open to you. Good luck!

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