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High-speed nano-optic networks, 5.5G and hyperreality: HUAWEI's plans for 10 years

13 April 2021, Tuesday By Priyanka Boruah

HUAWEI held the 18th HUAWEI Global Analyst Summit in Shenzhen. During the event, the company announced its key strategic initiatives and talked about promising developments that are waiting for us in the next decade.

William Xu, Director, Board Member and President of the HUAWEI Institute for Strategic Research, identified nine technology challenges and research areas that the company intends to focus on by 2030 to build an intelligent world:

  • Definition of 5.5G to support hundreds of billions of different types of connections
  • Development of nanoscale optics to exponentially increase fiber throughput
  • Optimization of network protocols for connecting all objects
  • Providing advanced computing power to support an intelligent world
  • Analyze and extract actionable insights from massive amounts of raw data to drive industrial AI breakthroughs
  • Moving beyond the von Neumann architecture to 100x storage density
  • Combining Computing and Feeling to Design a Hyper-Real, Multimodal Experience
  • Empowering people to proactively manage their health through continuous monitoring of personal vital signs
  • Building a Smart Internet of Energy to generate, store and consume greener electricity
"Restoring trust and collaboration across the entire global semiconductor supply chain is critical to getting the industry back on track. In the future, we will be forced to continue to operate in a complex and volatile global environment. New waves of COVID-19 and geopolitical uncertainty will create constant challenges for all organizations, businesses, and states. We believe in the power of digital technology to provide solutions to the challenges we all face. Therefore, we will continue to innovate and drive digital transformation with our customers and partners to bring digital technology to every person, home, and organization to create a fully connected, intelligent world," said Eric Xu, current chairman of HUAWEI.

According to the chairman of HUAWEI, the company now has a priority to strengthen its software capabilities; investing in components for smart vehicles; increasing the value of 5G and developing 5.5G; providing a seamless, user-centric, intelligent experience for all scenarios; reducing the world's carbon emissions through innovation and solving the problem of continuity of supply. 

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